Two of the Most Intriging Women live in Sedona

Sedona Red Rock News just reported on 2 of the 48 most intriging women in Arizona because they live right here in Sedona!Sedona's intriging women

Connie Coble and Martha Mertz were named on January 17th as two of the most intriging woman in the entire state of Arizona. This is due to a project created by the Arizona Historical Society and the Arizona Community Foundation as a way to honor women who have contributed to the future of Arizona in a positive way.

Connie Coble, long time resident of Sedona, beat out 48,000 other women for the title. In her lifetime she has traveled the world and moved over 20 times. While living in Holland, one of Coble’s main goals was to help women who moved overseas with their husbands adjust to living in a foreign country. She formed the American Women’s Club. The Cobles moved to Sedona 13 years ago from Newport Beach, Calif. While there, Coble became involved with people with developmental disabilities, especially people who suffered from bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. She founded the John Henry Foundation to provide a place for them to live happy, healthy lives and receive the treatment they needed. In Sedona, Coble joined with Helen Wolfe when Wolfe founded The Sedona Women in 2000. Coble also helped raise money and donated money to create the Sedona Cultural Park.

Martha Mertz is best-known for the creation of ATHENA International, a nonprofit organization to support, develop and honor women leaders — to inspire them to reach their full potential. It is named after the Greek goddess of wisdom, courage, justice and strength. The idea for ATHENA developed around 1982 when Mertz served on the board of the Lansing [Mich.] Regional Chamber of Commerce. She was the only woman and realized the board did not reflect the true makeup of the business community. She thought if women leaders were recognized for their strengths and contributions they could excel in the business world and be heard. Mertz has won several honors, including the Top 25 Women Business Owners in Michigan, the Vassilissa Award in Moscow and induction into the Enterprising Women’s Hall of Fame in 2006. She is the author of “Becoming ATHENA: Eight Principles of Enlightened Leadership.” Mertz lives in Sedona with her husband Edward Ingraham.

Mertz and Coble will receive their honors at a luncheon Monday, March 26, in Scottsdale. - Source

What an honor to be a part of this great society. If you are interested in buying or selling any Sedona homes or real estate please give me a call or comment on this post below.